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Alcohol Detox Orange County

Alcohol Detox Orange County

Most people abuse alcohol because of its ability to make them feel euphoric. They usually pursue this effect when they’re having fun or trying to forget about the stressors in their daily lives. When this frequently happens over an extended period, alcohol causes changes to their brain chemistry, and the result is addiction. The brain cannot release endorphins or dopamine in the absence of alcohol, and failure to use leads to unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

At Experience Recovery, we provide the finest alcohol detox in orange county to kick-start alcoholism recovery. We’ve created a program for detox and treatment in orange county that will help you stop drinking, get past withdrawal, and start your recovery journey.

Everything You Need to Know About Alcohol Detox

Alcohol detox allows you to focus on substance abuse treatment in orange county without worrying about withdrawal or battling intense cravings. As such, you’ll be able to concentrate on therapy, counseling, and other activities in rehab that support lasting recovery.

During detoxification, your body flushes out alcohol from its system. Since alcohol slows down the CNS (central nervous system), getting rid of it leads to overstimulation of your CNS. This causes withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, headaches, and an increased heart rate. These are signs of your brain trying to readjust its functioning without alcohol after relying on it for long.

Severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms include hallucinations, seizures, and disorientation. These are referred to as delirium tremens. Although rare, it’s possible to experience such symptoms during alcohol detox.

You can also develop life-threatening complications if you have heart or lung disease. Your withdrawal symptoms can become worse if you are dehydrated or lack essential minerals such as potassium and sodium.

Symptoms of withdrawal may appear as early as just 2 hours after your last drink. They’ll be mild at first but worsen over the next 48 hours or more.

Management of Alcohol Withdrawal

Medication prescribed during alcohol detox and rehab in orange county helps to:

  • Minimize the possibility of symptoms like seizures and an increased heart rate
  • Block opioid receptors, which reduces your craving for drinking
  • Provide supplements for nutrients like folic acid and thiamine

Withdrawal from alcohol usually lasts between 1-2 weeks. But at times, you can experience prolonged symptoms for months or even up to a year. Usually, these are mild and manageable with medication and rehab.

How long detoxification lasts heavily depends on how long you have been drinking and the severity of your addiction. Due to the potentially life-threatening withdrawal period, it’s advisable to seek inpatient detox for severe alcohol addiction.

Why Choose Us for Alcohol Detox

At Experience Recovery, we provide premier medical detoxification for alcohol and monitor our patients 24/7 for the first 72 hours. That way, we can manage withdrawal symptoms safely and on time. In addition, we monitor any medical condition to ensure that no health complications arise as you undergo Orange County addiction treatment.

Our certified and caring medical team will be on call 24 hours and be right by your side to help you stay positive and feel supported throughout the entire process.

Successful Detox for Lasting Recovery

At Experience Recovery, we prioritize detoxification during drug and alcohol rehab in Orange County, CA, as it’s crucial for your long-term recovery. We provide top of the line alcohol detox in orange county to make the detoxification process safe and as comfortable as possible. Contact Experience Recovery for the best detox and addiction treatment in Orange County: 800-970-3973.

Alcohol Detox Orange County

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Alcohol Detox Orange County

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