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Ptsd Treatment Orange County

Ptsd Treatment Orange County

The human mind is the most powerful tool at our disposal. It learns, adapts, and changes the way you react to the environment to ensure survival. However, single events of strong emotional impact can drastically change how we behave and perceive the world around us.

Exposure to traumatic events, such as the threat of death or violence in any form, cause emotional repercussions that fade over time. Yet, for certain people, the struggles faced at that moment are relived every day in many forms.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, is when the stress and anxiety of trauma are relived constantly with debilitating consequences to the person. It is commonly associated with veterans and victims of assault, but it can happen to anyone at any time, even years after the event took place.

People with PTSD find themselves in constant stress, as their fears are relived repeatedly, causing them flashbacks, a feeling of numbness, feeling cut off from others, difficulty in sleeping, and changes in concentration, such as overreacting and anger. These behaviors can range from mild to severe in the degree it affects social interactions.

To help these people, mental health treatment facilities approach this with Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), which aims to expose the patient to the trauma memory to numb them to their effects while helping them remember what they felt in that moment since memories can be altered with time, and what they felt in that moment might be different from what they remember.

Any residential treatment and rehabilitation center in California offer these solutions, coupled with medication. However, we believe there is more to be unpacked in regards to the experience and the person. Our inpatient mental health programs approach with the knowledge philosophy, which just means that the more the patient understands himself, the better they can approach the ordeal’s repercussion or any difficult situation in the future.

There’s a reason why the event was so impactful on the person, with the origin dating as far as childhood, and while numbing the person to the memories of the incident does work, we believe that the feelings of shame, guilt, and anger at themselves and the world must be discussed for a full recovery, so we have implemented this treatment in our inpatient psychiatric facility to great results, as the CBT becomes more complete.

Only our psychiatric residential treatment center and rehab can offer the best place for recovery in California, as every counselor and therapist is ready to help at a moment’s notice, as we educate and help you develop anger control skills and relaxation techniques that will accompany you on your daily life back home, as well as an exercise routine, diet and sleep habits to improve your quality of life.

As such, we are proud to offer the best inpatient mental health facilities, as we help the person to be at peace with themselves and with the world they interact with. Contact Alter Behavioral Health to receive treatment in a world-class residential mental health facility in California.

Ptsd Treatment Orange County